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CME Bulletin Advertisement 持續醫學進修專訊廣告

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Year 2018 marks the 18th anniversary of CME Bulletin. Started in 2000, CME Bulletin is now having a readership of more than 10,000. The Hong Kong Medical Association is dedicated to providing a coordinated CME programme for all members of the medical profession. Under the HKMA CME Programme, a CME registration process has been created to document the CME efforts of doctors and to provide special CME avenues. The Association strives to foster a vibrant environment of CME throughout the medical profession. You may contact the HKMA Secretariat for details of advertisement.

Advertising Enquiry: 2527 8452



Medical knowledge is constantly changing. Standard safety precautions must be followed, but as new research and clinical experience broaden our knowledge, changes in treatment and drug therapy may become necessary or appropriate. Readers are advised to check the most current product information provided by the manufacturer of each drug to be administered to verify the recommended dose, the method and duration of administration, and contraindications. It is the responsibility of the practitioner, relying on experience and knowledge of the patient, to determine dosages and best treatment for each individual patient. Neither the Publisher nor the Authors assume any liability for any injury and/or damage to persons or property arising from this publication. Although all advertising material is expected to conform to ethical (medical) standards, inclusion in this publication does not constitute a guarantee or endorsement of the quality or value of such product or of the claims made of it by its manufacturer.