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Community Health Academy 社區健康醫學堂

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The Hong Kong Medical Association has received funding support from the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund to launch a two-year community project, named the “Community Health Academy”, starting from November 2016 to October 2018. The Project adopts a model with the supports from the fields of medical, non-governmental, social, educational, and housing departments and comprises 3 main components: (i) Health Academy for the Elderly; (ii) Outreach Team for the Elderly; and (iii) One Service Unit One Doctor Scheme. The “Health Academy for the Elderly” aims to build a learning network, expand the social network of the elderly and provide a platform for mutual learning and communication that enables the elders, carers, residents, students and the staff of the housing authority to have deeper understanding of the resources in Hing Wah Estates (I)(II) in Chai Wan. The “Outreach Team for the Elderly” aims at building a supporting network among the residents and the neighborhood, encouraging them to help one another, promoting role transition of the residents to become our volunteers and organizing voluntary home visits. The “One Service Unit One Doctor Scheme” in Chai Wan district intends to reinforce medical-social collaboration and improve the elderly health care services in the district.


Elderly Health Academy

Elderly Outreach Team

One Service Unit One Doctor


Elderly Health Academy 老友記健康大學

Elderly Outreach Team 老友記外展大使隊

One Service Unit One Doctor 一服務務單位一醫生